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Experience: bagg.

Market Analysis

In a market when big dinosaurs are settled in their old ways, it is very difficult to provide change. Even when a problem is recognized and seen by everyone, how to bring evolution and support transformation? The baggage management system loses 5 baggage every 1000 travelers. 4 billion was supposed to be invested before the Covid-19 to improve that issue and improve the experience of traveling, but nothing was done. If that investment was made it would have on the other hand created complications like losing time for travelers onboarding and landing.

Solution Brought

With the company bagg, we have developed an innovative solution to let all actors relevant to baggage management connect. Without asking airlines and airports to change their current infrastructures and software, we are now able with a plugin to track and see exactly where baggage is located. The goal of a business is to resolve an issue, bagg is doing it very smartly.

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