Experience: Wishingtooth and Wtv

Market Analysis

8 million dollars of investment was put into the development of a new world for children. Characters have been created, universes have been developed, as well as video games, all for the creation of a first "super book", an interactive e-book, and the idea that many other elements of the world will come. After the development of the minimum viable product, round tables were put together and the MVP was tested by parents and their kids, giving incredible positive feedbacks, showing excitement about the Wishingtooth world. After the launch of the first super book, the sales were not there, and a default of payment from their investor Euphoria Media caused the company to go bankrupt.

Solution Brought

The way people behave at round tables doesn't reflect reality. Wanting to directly go big with a new idea was a mistake, the company was wrongly advised. Telling a story for a child to get to sleep and video games don't mix together. Too much money was invested in a first idea that could have been brought to market in a simpler way, staying on the essence and understanding of the basic idea, parents and their kids sharing moments together before going to sleep.

I have repositioned the company concept and put together a sales pitch to a new B2B strategy.

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