Experience: Bandwidth School and singleZontherun

Market Analysis

Many startups are created, many startups are funded, and many fail, entrepreneurs in this sector find a good basic idea but do not know how to exploit it because they do not have a global vision of the market and even often have not defined their mission. They do not see how the product created will evolve over time, but not only. You have to know how to capitalize in a reality, but far too many startups are blinded by false hopes without understanding where they are entering. Fragmenting the market is key to understanding the real behavior of their audience.

Solution Brought

I worked on a nonprofit SaaS which aims to facilitate communication in underdeveloped areas. This application supports people in these areas and also NGOs to better communicate in these same places. A mission, the transmission of knowledge to ensure that these populations can get out of their daily problems. In appearance one sector, but many targets.

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