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 Professional Profile of Jad Ahdab  


 Company Vision, Product Emotion, to Growth. 

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Odile de Changy is a brand that I supported for 4 years and developed internationally.


BFM Business, France's leading news and economics channel, has decided to do a piece of story about her founder, Odile.

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Building 360° Strategies

  •    Business Model

  •    Product-Market Fit

Establish a robust business framework: Building a successful corporation requires a harmonious development of all the fundamental pillars of the company, one must know how to have a global vision and at the same time go into the details.


I create that business vision and/or discover the changes needed to put your business on the right track.

  • Reaching the product-market fit of your product and growing.

  • Solving the visible and invisible problems of your structure.

  • Expanding your company to become international.

Knowing how to buildknowing how to establishknowing how to grow.


My experiences in a majority of sectors offered me the possibility of becoming a specialist in human behavior. To have a product people buy, you have to know how to link it to the subconscious needs of your audience.

You are in one of these sectors: RetailFashionSkincare, PerfumeFMCG, MobiTechHealthTechFinTech, EdTechGamingSport, Aeronautics, Web3and you're looking for answers? A first point of view on your activity, some of the brands that have applied my strategies or that I created, are available in this section.

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My innovations by INDUstry


awards Won
  In The USA

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Communicator Awards

International competitions for creative professionals in marketing, public relations, advertising agencies and production companies. Overall, it rewards work that is emotional and moves the lines of customers.

Hermes Awards

The competition is organized with two hundred categories distributed under the headings: print media, public relations / communications and digital / social / interactive media. In addition to individual deliverables such as advertising, publications, websites, and videos, the categories also include strategic campaigns and media placements.

Web Awards

Submissions in digital categories such as branded content, websites, online advertising, and social marketing, as well as design categories and digital strategies.

SIA Awards

Recognized in the category of film and video production excellence; online video content and advertisements. The winners represent the best work of the world's most respected advertising agencies, production companies, and television channels.

Places I Lived & Worked
Leading Product Developments Around the World 

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