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Experience: Bandwidth School and Ecom.

Market Analysis

Understanding how to build strong connections and cultivate meaningful relationships with customers is not reserved for B2C companies and physical products. It is equally crucial for educational businesses to grasp the coherence of a winning corporate structure. By defining a structured vision, they can effectively foster continuous growth.


In today's commercial landscape with various offerings, the key to success lies in building a defined and clear vision. By aligning the strategy of education companies with a deep understanding of what a vision is and how it serves all the foundational pillars of a business, companies in this sector can position themselves for sustainable success and continuous innovation.

Solution Brought

I have created the Bandwidth School application, which aims to facilitate communication in underdeveloped areas. This application enables the populations in these regions, as well as NGOs, to communicate more effectively with each other. Our mission is knowledge transmission to empower these communities to overcome their daily challenges.


Furthermore, with Ecom, thanks to my proposal of a new strategy, I successfully repositioned this educational platform significantly. The redesign allowed for the development of more diverse courses while enhancing its credibility in the field of education and considerably improving its reputation among users.

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