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Experience: Bandwidth School and Ecom.

Market Analysis

Understanding how to build bonds isn't just for B2C businesses and physical products. To create growth, educational companies like B2B and any digital product must be positioned in the knowledge of human behavior, knowing how the company and its offer will evolve over the long term. From digital products to B2B products, a path to building the best business ideas exists, and being able to didactically structure a vision is essential in any industry.

Solution Brought

I created the edtech non-profit Bandwidth School, aiming to facilitate communication in underdeveloped areas. This application helps people in these areas and also NGOs to communicate better with each other. A mission, the transmission of knowledge to ensure that these populations can get out of their daily problems.

Also, repositioning the educational platform Ecom, allowing the development of more diversified courses, resulting in more credibility in this area with a better image.

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