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Experience: Odile de Changy, Faces, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Market Analysis

The changing retail landscape is not new - retailers around the world have always had to adapt to changes in customer behavior and competitive threats. What is new is the frequency and extent of the changes, and how these changes can fundamentally disrupt established retailers. Regardless of the region, retailers who no longer offer a strong value proposition to their customers will lose. Yet retailers who seek new opportunities and take advantage of these changes can win and position themselves to grow.


Solution Brought

Odile de Changy in Florida, we have decided to make radical changes to the business model, the stores changed to offer several brands of young French designers. A strong French experience, impossible to find elsewhere, diversity in one place, a reduction in costs for Odile with an increase in sales because it brings a diversified clientele who discover a variety of products.

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