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Experience: Société Général, Visa, Western Union, and Mamo.

Market Analysis

Fintech and cryptocurrency are changing the way people manage their finances. With mobile banking and digital payment systems, consumers have access to a range of financial products. Fintech offers affordable and tailored solutions by leveraging technology and data to drive down costs and democratize access to financial services. It also promotes financial inclusion by bridging the gap between traditional banking and underserved communities. This shift has the potential to create value for everyone and transform the financial industry.

Classical banks must find ways to innovate to stay relevant, particularly with the emergence of applications that enable everyday payments with cryptocurrency, failure to adapt could result in being left behind and be replaced by neobanks.

Solution Brought

From how to reach a complex message for Société Générale to expanding and creating new marketing solutions for Visa, to product innovation and growth for the Mamo Pay app. My experience ranges from communicating for banks to creating new daily cryptocurrency payment methods.

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