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Case Studies 

Examples of analyses

Companies in similar situations will find here approaches that will inspire them and at the same time allow them to understand how I build global strategies.

Pitch Deck

Company: UERA.

UERA is a blockchain solution for supply chains. 


Build a convincing case for getting more funds.


Solution Brought

Making the research to get the market numbers and putting together a convincing presentation. Previously, the company was totally repositioned throughout my guidance, from product to image, to customer pitch, a 360-degree restructuring.

Pitch Deck
Products Creations

Physical Products

Company: 5minSpa, Vice1960, Jaguar,  amble8, evian, and Sumo.

Developing physical products that create an emotion.


Keeping an audience is all about the emotion that creates a bond.


Solution Brought

From innovative product creation to design, developing and executing physical ideas from concepts and frameworks to communications.


Analyses & Solutions

Company: Oribe.

Oribe is a luxury hair care brand, first famous in professional salons.


The brand has a strong pack concept, but no strategy linked to it.

How to create a stable emotional connection with the target audience?


Solution Brought

I analyzed the psychology of what was already done, to build around the company a marketing logic, communications, and powerful commercial tactics. I also exposed here an innovative tech idea, the first app comparing hair care products.

Creative Business Idea

Company: Louis Vuitton.

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