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Experience: Autentica, LGR Global, bagg, UERA, and Mamo Pay.

Market Analysis

The Web3 world is a complex and rapidly evolving space that presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses. As an expert in blockchain technology and Web3, I specialize in helping companies navigate this space and succeed in the world of decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, to NFTs.


From strategy development to product creation and marketing, I provide comprehensive guidance to businesses looking to enter and thrive in the Web3 world. I assist with technology, marketing, and sales strategies, helping businesses reach their target audience and stand out in this crowded marketplace. With my expertise, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of the Web3 world and take advantage of the many opportunities it presents for growth and innovation.

Solution Brought

Whether it's tokens strategy, even NFTs, or creating a powerful product and making emotional connections, as shown in the UERA video I created on top, Web3 companies can be sure I'll map out a path to success.


Above, you can take a look at the Web3 strategies I have implemented; from company positioning, marketing, and product design, to exit plans of a business.

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From Business

Company: LGR Global.


The company wants to launch a supply chain solution and a token, but how do you encompass two totally different strategies and make them support each other?


Solution Brought

Structuring the company for it to tackle those two angles, from business positioning, human behavior, marketing to communications. Here is a preview of some of the solutions I have offered.

Simple & strong marketing

Company: Autentica.


How to be credible in the NTFs marketplace and be known for a new technology that checks the authenticity of NTFs?


Solution Brought

Sometimes, complex marketing strategies are not needed and simple advice is best. Here, the solution brought was to buy famous NFTs instead of investing in a complex marketing plan. Promoting renowned NFTs on socials, showing they are available on their platform. The target audience will discover the new technology by having an interest in the marketplace.

Product Design

Company: UERA.


Designing a user-friendly new product, going personally into every click.


Solution Brought

I provided an innovative way to use the blockchain in the supply chain, making it now possible to track the veracity and quality of any products on the market, repositioning the company UERA. Offering a technological solution allowing an easy application of the product on the market.


Company: Wishingtooth.


The company that got more than 12 million dollars invested into the project got bankrupt. Why did this happen and what are the possibilities with all the characters that have been created?


Solution Brought

To see the global project of the game, click here.

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