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Jad Ahdab
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Jad has a career of over 18 years in business and product creations, mix marketing, commercials strategies, and innovations. He has worked with the most reputed agencies in the world; Havas, AWI Company, McCann, Wax Communications, and led brands like Évian, Chopard, Chanel, Jaguar, Ralph Lauren, Orange, Coca-Cola, Alfa Romeo, Humana, or Odile to name a few. His experience spans across Europe, Asia, to the United States, where he lived to manage companies on most continents.


He participates in the construction of technological solutions in the most advanced settings, offering new perspectives on how to integrate the evolution of Web3 into our daily lives.


Jad has won numerous international awards for the quality and results he has brought to companies.

Holder of a Masters in Communication from the ECV which he obtained in 2005 in Paris, decided to take courses in 2021 at Harvard Business School Online on the topic of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, deepening his knowledge of how technology can help the world. He built the non-profit SaaS Bandwidth School concept, which aims to help NGOs better communicate in underdeveloped areas of the world.

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