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Experience: Nescafé, evian, Volvic, Crest, and Coca-Cola.

Market Analysis

The growing popularity of online grocery shopping with retailers such as Amazon means that consumer product companies must adapt their marketing and sales strategies to integrate this technology. Equally important are the questions of brand values and experience. Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental and societal impact. Brands are now expected to be socially responsible, which means they must ensure their growth is sustainable and ethical. I have worked with leading brands to convey a positive experience and develop stronger values.

Solution Brought

I have created one of the most powerful Evian campaigns in Dubai, showing the mountains of Evian being drunk. Another example of brand experience was communicating toothpaste Crest as icecreams.

evian neck hanger.jpg

Innovative Neck Hanger for the Campaign

bowl glace.png

Innovative Point of Sale for Toothpastes

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