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Effective Tips to Create a Marketing Strategy for Luxury Brands

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As a luxury or fashion brand you need to take action to stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Putting effort into your marketing strategy and thinking of creative ways to increase your sales, providing excellent customer experience at the same time, is a challenge for any brand on the market.

From minimalism to personalisation, in luxury brand storytelling techniques it matters how you present your products and what kind of content you choose. In the world of luxury brands, there is a symbolic value that comes with that status and all businesses want to provide that luxury experience and beat the competitors.

Luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance and involves great expense at the same time. It is essential to understand the target audience for your luxury brand to reach the right people and deliver the best advertising campaigns you possibly can.

In this blog post we will discuss the most effective tips to create a marketing strategy for your luxury brand.

Luxury Brands in a Digital World

Every luxury brand is using several digital marketing strategies to help them stay ahead of its competition. Shopping habits keeps constantly changing and consumers prefer to shop online rather than visiting a local designer store. It is essential to have an outstanding digital present in place and be fully prepared for incoming traffic to your online store.

Website Design

Having a fully working and beautifully designed website is the first step to be successful. Your website should illustrate the elegance and your brand’s story as well as showcase your luxurious products in all their glory, from every angle.

Social Media Presence

Another step to success in a digital world is to be active on social media. In luxury and fashion brand marketing, being active on social media is an absolute must. It can help you connect with your audience as well as show off and promote your products. Integrating your store with certain platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest will encourage people to browse you online catalogue and boost your sales.

YouTube Advertising

As a luxury brand you may also consider having an active YouTube channel and actively use YouTube advertising. Video is proved to be the most powerful form of content in eCommerce and is much more engaging than text. For instance, Chanel is the best example of excellent YouTube marketing strategy by being consistent in what they do. Their perfectly organized channel contains several different categories, giving people insights to the fashion shows, newest collections, events and regular make up tutorials.

Top Tips for Creating a Marketing Strategy for a Luxury Brand

The exclusivity that comes from a luxury brand creates its very own niche segment and to stand out it requires different marketing methods. Here are some best ways we have selected to help you shape a unique marketing strategy for your luxury brand:

1. Create a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness

Why people turn to more exclusive brands? They want to have what other buyers can’t have, and that is the whole point of luxury brands. The desire automatically increases when people see certain things not available anywhere else. It may be a price, geographic availability or a limited supply and it all creates the exclusivity. This create a symbolic value that elevates the brand’s social standing to one that’s elite and luxurious and empowering us to pay a premium price for their products.

2. Narrow your target audience

The first step to do so, is defining your niche segment and narrowing it afterwards. Your target audience can’t be like any other, because you are simply an exclusive and luxurious brand on the market. You need to research and understand why your niche segment is different from others. After doing so, you will have to create a luxury brand customer profile that takes those differences and other brand consumer demographics into consideration, which will serve as the base of your luxury branding strategy.

3. Work on your language

Language is playing a big part in the luxury segment and fashion eCommerce. Having a specific target audience in mind, you need to focus on how you speak and describe your brand and its products. For instance, while using descriptive words such as “cheap” and “affordable” for any other fashion brand could work perfectly fine, as a luxury brand owner you need to aim for an opposite effect. You need to research your keywords and find the language that represents your brand and paints you as exclusive and elite.

4. Utilise the Senses

Sensory branding has become a trend in luxury retail, as businesses want to differentiate themselves from competitors and create deep emotional connections. The power of scenting is enhancing your customer experience by building multi-sensory marketing. Good example of sensory branding is Rolls-Royce with its particular smell of mahogany wood, leather and oil in every new car model, which delivers premium experience for each customer.

5. Make it special for your customers

With the high price should come high quality and special treatment. If you are advertising your brand as luxury, you need to remember to provide that experience. Deliver your products in a carefully crafted and personalised packaging and include something more to it than just customer’s name and address. Show them, that their purchase was precious to you and it will increase the chances of them coming back for more and become loyal customers for your luxury brand.

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